Frequently Asked Questions.

1)What do I need to bring with me?
You need to bring your family and friends, food, drinks, ice and personal items.

2) Can we drink the water?
We don’t recommend that you drink the tap water but we provide clean and fresh water direct from the borehole which we use daily. Alternatively you can bring your own bottled water if you prefer.

3) Do we need to bring firewood or charcoal?
We provide firewood within reason included in your stay but you are welcome to bring your own.

4) Do we need to bring towels, bedding etc?
No we provide all your bedding and towels, plus we can provide extra blankets on request for the cooler nights and fans for when its hot. We do request that you bring your own pool towels for use at the swimming pool.

5) Who is responsible for cleaning and washing up?
We have two fantastic girls who will look after your chalet during your stay and visit you at least once a day to make your beds, wash the dishes and have a general tidy up. 

6) Do we need anti malaria medication?
No, we are not in a malaria area but we do recommend an insect repellent for the occasional pesky mosquito.

7) Do you allow dogs?
We only allow dogs in certain chalets and only if you are booking the whole camp or happen to be the only guests staying with us, please talk to us if you are wanting to bring your dog. Extra charges may apply and we have a strict no dogs on furniture policy.

Slievyre Game Farm